Can a person cancel a parents bridging visa?

Hi Anil,
Here’s an odd one for you!!!
A friend of mine brought his parents over to Australia on some kind of a 30 year bridging visa. They are now trying his patience on multiple levels as per his lifestyle/ friends etcetc… They qualify as senior citizens but are hale and hearty.
Is it possible to cancel that visa and have them return to India???
Sounds weird eh???
The poor chap is stressed so I thought I’d ask you…
Thank you in advance

Hi @Maria714

I am not sure if a son can cancel parent’s visa.

Hey Anil,

Thanks for that quick reply.

As I understand, the 30 year bridging visa is some kind of a sponsorship visa in which the parents are shown as dependent on the son. So, would it be acceptable that my friend withdraws his sponsorship and cancels his application. They have been living with him for the past 2 years now and the poor chap is so stressed.

I looked through the net before I wrote to you the first time but to no avail. Since you assist folks to get visas and not cancel them, I thought it might be weird to ask you.

It is an “interesting” predicament and yet a solution evades me.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again,


Hi @Maria714

As I said, i have never heard of such scenario before. Will have to check the details of visa and cancellation process.

But, cancellation may have effect on future visas.

Thanks Anil,

You’re an angel!!!


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