Can Approved H4 Petition be revoked / withdrawan by Current Employer?


My current employer PAID and Filled H4 Extension Petition for my spouse and it got approved (until 2023). I have 2- Questions.

  1. If I switch to new employer will my current employer can revoke / withdraw the Approved H4 petition (as he paid for the H4 Filling Fees) ?

  2. Do I need to file a new H4 petition with my new employer though i have already a Approved H4 Petition (until 2023)?


H4 is not a employer sponsored petition (even if your employer was kind enough to pay for it!) so they can’t withdraw.

No you don’t need to. As far as the primary H1B is in valid status, H4 is good if they have their own valid I-94. Just take a note of the H4 renewal date in 2023 so that you don’t miss it as it will not be the same as your new H1B I-797.

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