Can EB2 PD be ported in EB3

My old employer had filed in EB2 & I140 is approved with PD is Mar 2015. I swiched to a new employer mid 2019 with that approved 140… new emp are just starting my GC process in EB3.

Can my new employer use my old PD, Is that possible? Dont want to go back 6+ years in queue…
What is the best thing to do given my PD is Mar 2015.

What questions to ask my new employer— given the fact that its a big desi giant IT company.


Yes, PD can be ported to the new I-140 in EB3. If I were you I would file under EB2 as the downgrade to EB3 will be easier to do if your PD becomes current under EB3.

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Thanks Kalpesh, i agree, i asked my employer & they said its policy to file in EB3 :relieved:

A follow up, if my new employer can port PD from old I-140 would that EB2 PD still remain effective?

Yes, you can keep your PD and apply for AOS when it becomes current in the EB3 category.