Can form 16 with no tax deduction be used as ACS payment evidence?


Am planning to migrate from United States to Australia. i have total of 5 years of experience and out of which i worked for 1.5 years in India.

I have payslips from my previous Indian employer but i do not have bank statements or employer sponsored insurance and also salary i received from Indian employer was below tax exemption limit and so i haven’t filled returns with Indian government.

I reached out to my employer 2 days back and he told he can give me form 16 at max. So question here is, can i use form 16 as payment evidence with no TDS details (in this case, my form 16 will hold info about the salary payment i received during my work with Indian employer ) on it? will that be good example to prove payment evidence?

Please guys help me with appropriate pointers.


Hi @praveen0422

Form 16 and bank statements can be used as a payment evidence for ACS assessment.

Hello Anil,

Thanks for your prompt response. Small correction: i do not have bank statements but just form 16 (with no TDS details, just salary paid) and pay slip from my previous indian employer. Can you shed any light on this scenario?

You need two types of payment evidence. It can be any two that show that you were in paid employment.

Tax deduction is based on the law of the land. If there was no tax due or deducted as per law, then you are fine.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Does it mandatory to provide two payment evidence because I have submited payment slips and ACS has mentioned “Not assess due to Insuffcient Documentation” ?

Hi @ykb12345

I think my answer is pretty clear. Not sure why have you asked the same thing again.