Can H4 8 year old Child can use H4 parent's confirmed Drop Box appointment


I have a H4 dropbox confirmed appointment in December. I am in US and scheduled to travel next week. When we initially planned, I was only supposed to travel, so I just did my DS-160, made payment and booked appointment with great difficulty. Now I am planning take my 8 year old along. I have completed his DS-160 and made the Visa fee payment. So, do I need to book a separate slot for my 8year old like I did for myself? Or, as I have already a confirmed appointment for drop box, I can take his application alongwith me to the OFC and submit both the application?

Any guidance would be really hepful.


Each person (including a kid) needs to independently be eligible for dropbox.

You may not be able to add anyone now since you have already booked the slot. Check with usatraveldocs if they have exceptions but I do not think it is possible at this time.

thanks. Yes, both are eligible for drop box.

Do ustraveldocs responds to queries?

Here is their email and ph #. Try calling first.