Can H4 extention attend Biometric in US Embassy in India?

Hi Anil,

My H1B approved via premium process but still H4 and H4 EAD is pending. I came to know that as per new process i-539(H4 applicant have to go for bio-metric).

the problem is my wife left to india after filing extension.

Can she give Bio-metric at US embassy in India? In that case what would happen to H4 EAD?


The whole purpose of filing H4 extention from USA is to help extend i94 without leaving USA.

The moment you leave US while H4 extention is pending, the USCIS will most probably deny it.

Your wife can apply for H4 stamping at US embassy and they will automatically take her Biometric fingerprints.

The H4 extention Biometric processing has to be carried out inside US.

H4 EAD might get RFE to prove H4 status as your wife is not physically in US.

Hi Anil, Thanks again for the reply. Now i got it that after my approval if i take my family to India their H4 extension may be denied, but they can apply for H4 stamping at US Embassy in India. Do they qualify for Drop box as with my extension approved they are going to get the stamping doneā€¦ And also please confirm if they can come back with old VISA which is valid till 01- Dec- 2019 ?


Hi @satheshg

Dropbox eligibility has to be checked for each person separately.

You can use the old visa to enter US as long as it is valid on the day of entry.