Can H4 travel outside US and return to US with H4 extension pending approval


My wife’s H4 extension request is pending approval with her I-94 expired. H4 extension was filed on August 2021 and USCIS shows H4 extension processing time of 15 months.
My H1b extension request got approved this week which was filed along with same H4 extension request.
Can she travel to India with H4 extension pending (mother not well) and stay in India for 1 or 2 months and come back to US through stamping or dropbox showing the copy of I-797 approval notice for spouse H1B.?
If ‘yes’ will this require her H4 extension to get approved to go for stamping/dropbox?

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Yes, she may go for stamping while her H4 extension of status application is pending.

No. She can use the I-797 approval notice of the primary H1B and other supporting documents for H4 stamping.

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Thanks a lot Kalpesh for the reply.
Will she have to travel to US Consulate or will she be eligible for Dropbox?