Can I apply for 190 visa while waiting for 489 visa to be granted?

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Good morning!

I recently applied for 489 visa. My CO has not contacted yet since my lodge of application.

Last week I received an invitation for 190.

I am wondering if I successfully get nomination, will i be able to apply for the 190 visa.

What will be the situation of my bridging visa?

Will Immi refund my money for 489 visa?

Can I request to transfer my application from 489 to 190?

Please advise me.


@SKarim hi. Can you share your occupation code, points and other details. Btw which state 190 visa did u apply?

Fees is non refundable.

You can apply but only one of the visa will be finally approved.

Please advise me brother what should I do in this scenario.

190 is far better than 489

If you have the budget, i suggest to apply 190 as is better than 491.

Even if I apply will my 489 application be cancelled?

Application won’t be cancelled but only one type of visa will be approved.

So if I apply both ,
If 489 granted first, then 190 will be still under processing?

I understand if I get 190 before 489, i can withdraw my 489.

Please brother tell me what would be the best approach?


My suggestion is to keep both active.

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Good evening!

I recently got 489 visa.

Am I eligible to apply for 190 if meet 190 criteria?

Hope to hear from you soon.