Can I Apply for H1B Amendment while 221G is processing from India?


I am reaching out to you in regards with my current Immigration situation.


I came to India on March 24th for stamping and got 221G (client verification) from Chennai consulate. With the current COVID situation in India it it still Processing

My Project with the client is about to end(one more month left).


  1. What will happen to 221g if the project ends?

  2. Can I change my project and apply for amendment to H1b while I am in India ?

  3. What will be other options to get H1B?

  4. If I can take an Attorney and request for my 221G fast processing ?

Thank your for help in advance.

Thank you,

Is your I797 valid only till the client contract end date or you were issued beyond that date (3 yrs)?

I believe this can be done. Check with your employer’s attorney.

Change the employer while in India and initiate the H1B transfer.

I dont think this is possible.

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Yes, I got my visa till 2022. but my 221g is for client verification and they said they will be reaching out to my client. If I do an amendment do i have to go for Stamping interview again.

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Who, your employer or Consulate?

Your employer should have provided with the client letter and SOW before you came to India for stamping.

You mean t oi say your I797 is valid till 2022? If you visa is valid till 2022, you wont need stamping right? Please select correct terms so that people answering your questions dont get confused.

Only material changes like salary, title, job duties and location change needs an amendment. Is any of these going to change for you if you get on with the new client ? If not then you can simply get client letter and SOW copy for the new client and submit that against the 221g along with a letter explaining that the contract with the client you work for is expiring in a month and so you are submitting client letter for a new client you will be working for. I dont think you need to reapply for visa
Consult with your employer’s attorney for your specific situation.