Can i apply Multiple H4EAD application

Hi Friends,

Can you help me to understand , can we file multiple H4EAD application ?

In below scenario:

Company A

  • H1B Valid till Aug 2022, H4 also valid till Aug 2022 and H4 stamping also done.
  • With i140 approved copy , applied H4EAD on March 08, 2021, still it is in progress

Recently i have changed company (Company B)

  • H1B approved and valid till April 2024

Now i’m planning to apply for H4 and H4EAD using new H1B approval (Company B), since it is valid till April 2024

Can i apply new H4 and H4EAD with new H1B approval ?
Company A is planning to revoke my old H1B , will it affect my existing H4EAD application ?


Yes you can apply new H4 & H4 EAD with new H1B.

If H1B is revoked, your H4 EAD will be denied.

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Do i need to required choose SSN request in second H4EAD application ?

Yes, if you do not have SSN.

Thanks@ Kalpesh_Dalwadi

In multiple H4EAD application case, what will happen to first application ?

hello naveen, so are you applying again yours h4 and ead with new company

Not yet decided, waiting for expert suggestion on this.
You have any inputs on this ?

I’m in same situation like you. Please share your personal id.

I already answered that if the H1B is revoked, pending H4 EAD may be denied.