Can I ask employer to raise Service request for H1B transferred from California to Nebraska?

Hi Anil,

My h1b extension plus amendment is pending in Nebraska. My receipt date is Sep 14th, 2018.

It is applied in California and moved to Nebraska on Dec 18th. when can I expect ?

My hr told me to wait for 10 more days and then upgrade to premium. when can I expect result?

Can I ask employer to raise Service request.

I think you can wait and you may get your H1B amendment approval by end of March 2019.

Raise service request for Transferred cases

Your employer cannot raise service request as your case was filed at California service center and yuor receipt date of Sep 14th, 2018 is still under normal processing time at California.

USCIS does not allow you to raise SR based on new centers’s timeline. USCIS looks at your case based on receipt number which still belongs to California.