Can i change employer if I140 amendment is Pending?

My Employer is A and is acquired by Employer B.
I have applied for I140 Amendment with Employer B and the application is Pending.
(Note that my I140 is with Employer A and was already approved)

Now i have an opportunity to work for Employer C.
So Can i change my employer ? Or have to wait for I140 amendment to approve , wait for 6 months and then only can change ?

You can change the employer while your amendment is getting processed. Once you move to the new employer, your existing employer may or may not withdraw the I-140.
Even if it is withdrawn, you can use the original I-140 from employer A to get AC21 extension for H1B beyond 6 years (if H1B is maxing out at the time of transfer to employer C) and your may be able to port the priority date with the I-140 filed by employer C.

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Thanks for clearing my confusion.