Can I do ACS only for company 1 as my role changed in company 2?

Good day Anil,

Can you please help me with the following query.

My wife was working in India with company 1 and now currently with company 2 in Malaysia.

Can I do ACS only for company 1?

Because her job role for Company 1 will help me get spouse points as we are in the same SOL list.

Due to the change of role in company 2, we are not on the same list.

So I am planning to do ACS only for Company 1 in India. Will that be okay? or Do I need to do ACS for both? Kindly help.

Also, how do I get ACS done if I am a contract employee? Will it count as valid work experience? Please help

ACS will evaluate your work experience on the basis of whatever documents you submit. If you skip Company 2 documents, it is your choice and off course ACS will evaluate only on Company 1’s work letter.

You can get work letter from your employer about what all you worked on. Are you employed by some company and then placed at end client location or you are plain contracting directly with your work place?

In any case, you have to get your work skills in writing.

Thanks Anil for the clarification. I am employed by a company as contract staff and then placed at end client location. Will get the work skills in writing, as suggested. Thanks again.