Can I edit EE profile for both me & wife with her ECA report only (without her IELTS)?

I have my ECA report and IELTS results in my hand.

But my wife’s ECA report is still not received.
She has not appeared for IELTS.

Should I create express entry profile, stating that my wife is not going to accompany me?

Can I later edit EE profile for both of us with her ECA report only (without her IELTS)?

Please advise.

If you are the primary applicant then spouse’s IELTS aren’t mandatory so you can create the profile.

But remember that if your spouse has appeared for IELTS and got a good score then it would increase your CRS score.

You don’t need any docs to create your express entry profile. You get your official CRS score only after transmitting all docs.

No advantage of transmitting the docs without using your wife’s ECA. Might as well just wait for it.

Transmit - is CICs fancy way of saying submit the application after uploading all docs.