Can i File H1B transfer while extension and then an amendment is pending before i94 expiry?

Current I94/797/Visa expiring : Dec 22, 2019
i140 is already approved

Filled my regular extension at Nebraska on June 28th, 2019.
Project got changed in August and had to change the location from same client & vendor(i am in Indian company in Client > Vendor model), hence lawyers filled regular amendment at Nebraska with receipt date(Aug 26, 2019


  1. Looking at the approval speed, i am not sure my amendment extension will be approved by Dec22, so what option do i have? Should i convert to Premium now or should i wait ?
  2. is extension and amendment are same in my case? If not, what will happen to my extension which was filled earlier to amendment?
  3. Can i change my employer now and join another company(when my extension/amendment both has been filled by current employer)

Thanks for your help in advance

Hi @Sam25

There is no need to worry.

Each H1B amendment application is also an extension application automatically. Your both first extention and amendment can continue in parallel.

You can also file H1B Transfer with no issue.

You can keep working and staying in US even after i94 expiry as you filed your extention (or amendment) before your current i94 expiry.

No need to panic or worry. You are safe.

Thanks Anil, this helps a lot.
Could you please tell me the various forums links where you track the h1b-processing-times. I am aware of trackkit & this forum only . My spouse extension(COS from H4>H1 and H1 quota excluded ) is also in progress and with Nebraska center with receipt date of June 19th. Haven’t received any updates on that yet.