Can I file the EOI without PTE?

Hi Anil,

Hope you are doing fine.
I have a query regarding my EOI filling. My ACS has been completed but I haven’t received my PTE score. Actually there had been an incident caused during my PTE exam. The recording stopped during my speaking test. There were 2 incidents which happened, one was during describe image and other was during Retell lecture. When I called up the customer service of PTE, they said that they are still investigating the issue.
Now I have to fill my EOI before 6th Jan as I’ll be 33 and I might loose my 5 points. Can you let me know that can I file the EOI without PTE so that I’ll get 30 points.

Hi @Zaheed_Chougule

You cannot file EOI without PTE result as you need to enter the PTE report number in your EOI.