Can I fill San Ysidro on I-765 last arrival in US as I got new i94 after passport renewal?

Hi Anil,
Recently updated i94 after passport renewal by visiting San Diego border. For section ‘Information about your last arrival’ in i-765 form, I have entered the latest i94 number and mentioned ‘San Ysirdo’ as ‘Last arrival in U.S.’. Would that work? If not, do we have any specific code for land PoE like the airports?

I believe, it should match with the Location code in your I94 Travel History Results
I entered AUH for my case.

You mean its ok to enter the location code instead of complete name? The location code in travel history is ‘SYS’.

this is what I entered, hope it helps…

Thanks, that helps. Need to confirm since the sample form had place(city name) entered as oppose to PoE code.

Hi @mv

San Ysidro works fine.

Thanks Anil, for confirming.