Can I get my H1B renewal stamping in Mexico ? Am I eligible

I work for an Indian IT company & I’m an indian national. I deputed to USA in 2014 and had 3 to 4 trips to india over the years. and I used dropbox option for h1b renewal stamping in chennai evey year.
Last year November I came down to india due to family emergency & stuck in india.
I got my H1b extension petition which is valid until 2022 May last year.
Now I got a project in USA for the same client.
It is very unlikely to get an appointment in India and get a stamp.
Looking for an alternative if we can travel to Mexico and get the stamp.
Can I get a Visa to Mexico and then from Mexico Can I get USA visa stamping ? Am I eligible to do that ?
If Yes to the above question
In Mexico am I eligible for dropbox or consular interview ?
Please help me with this