Can I go for H4 dropbox

Hi All,

I was working on H4 EAD which is valid till Nov 2020 in between my spouse moved to different company they filed the new h4 transfer along with it h4 ead on April 2020 . While I was waiting on the H4 approval my employer filed an H1B for me which is approved before the H4 approval.Recently I got an H4 denial notice.will be there any impact to my H1. and my project is ending on April 30th and also I am planning to travel to india where I want to go stamping I don’t want to go for H1 stamping because I don’t have client letter .in that case I want to go for H4 stamping am I eligible for dropbox or do I need to go for in person interview

Yes can use the dropbox eligibility app to find your options.