Can I have two H4 change of status applications in processing at the same time?

I was on H1 until Oct 31, 2021. I lost my job on that day. So I applied for H4 (change of status) on my husband’s H1 and that H4 application is pending for approval. My husband’s H1 visa is expiring on July 31st, 2022. So we are planning to apply for his H1 extension by February. Can I file another H4 EAD, H4 application for change of status along with his H1 extension? Can I have 2 H4 change of status applications at the same time?

You may have one change of status application with extension and another extension of status applications at the same time, no an issue. However the later application may not be approved unless that prior is approved.

If you applied for H4 EAD with the change of status application then you may not again apply for H4 EAD.

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