Can i raise SR with USCIS for H1B or my employer or attorney can?

Hello Anil,

Can i raise SR with USCIS or my employer or attorney can?

Arun Cholleti

Hi @myh1b

Only your H1B employer or attorney can raise an SR with USCIS for your H1B application.

You can raise SR for H4 or H4 EAD cases as they are filed by your dependent independently.

My case is with Nebraska, i see the date for today shows up June 24th and i still didnt get any response.

Just wondering if you are aware of any delays with this centre. I have applied H4 along with H1b

Hello Anil,

My employer doesn’t want to raise an SR with USCIS and i cannot argue with him. what is the other possibilities to raise an SR.

I was trying to understand if you have heard of any cases where the H1b extension decision delays with Nebraska service center. My date has already passed 15 days as per the processing times and i still do not have any decision

Hi @myh1b

There is no other way that you can raise an SR as far as I know for H1B application. Only your employer can do it as it is their application.

Cases do get delayed normally. SR is the only way to ping USCIS and in most cases, you do see result within 10-30 days if you raise SR.