Can I send a black and white notarized copy as proof of address?

I am applying for a new passport under the “Lost passport” form. I sent it in my notarized W-2 copy as a proof of address but it was not accepted. I am requested to send the 1040 Income Tax Return, can it be a black and white? Is it only 2 pages? What is the notarized undertaking by parents as a proof address? Is there a template available online? Would very appreciate some insight on this urgent issue!

Needs to be in color/B&W - as available. I have seen it in B&W, not sure if any filing software spits it out in color.

This will contain address details, name and details of parent whose document you are going to provide, details of document that is being provided along with affirmation under penalty of perjury. Do a web search and you will find lots of references.