Can I stay in US when L2 to H1 COS is still pending and spouse converts to h1

I am currently in US with a pending L2 to H1B COS( no response on H1B yet) and also pending L2 extension. My spouse’s On L1 and her company filed new H1B. Now her H1B is approved. My questions are

  1. Can I still be in US legally, since my COS(L2 - H1B) is pending when my spouse leaves to get her H1B activated.
  2. Will I be out of status when his H1B is activated ?

You may keep living in the US while your COS was timely applied and is under adjudication. Alternately, you may also update your H1B to premium processing.

You applied for COS from L2 to H1B while your L2 and your spouse L1 status were still valid. If this is the case you should be good.

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