Can I switch job after acs and submitting EOI

Hi ,

Submitted Acs with incl my current company for 7.5 years

Waiting for acs result maybe it l be 5 years

In mean time thinking to switch job to new company.

If I get acs in btw will submit EoI
I might be in Current company or new company which I didn’t mention in Acs

So my question is can I switch job before submitting EOI after applying AcS ?

  1. can I switch job after submitting EOI and before ITA?

What I meant to say is I don’t need new experience to get counted in AcS so do I have any obligation to tell to EOI or immi team what is my current company ?!

Hi @priyankaAgawal987

You can change job anytime.

You don’t need a new assessment as long as you don’t want to claim that work experience for points.

You can skip updating the EOI too but i usually recommend to update it.

Suppose I switch job after EOI if i update again it will go back in queue so do I need to update it? anyways we have to mention only work experience which is ACS verified right in EOI than in case when my current company is not ACS verified how can i update it in EOI?

You can mark your un-assessed work experience as ‘non-relevant’. The EOI date of effect changes only when your points change.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

I have applied for 491 visa recently, and I am claiming points for the current company(completed 5 years during the tenure with the current company only).
I have submitted the offer letter, skill letter, payslips and bank statements for the current company. The skill letter mentions I am being currently employed with the company.

So, here is my question, If I switch my current organization, do I need to inform the department about the same(in that case I will be not in my current organization, as I mentioned in the skill letter)? I am actually planning to switch due to some job security in the company created due to COVID-19, and my visa application is somewhere restricting me to apply for jobs, as there will be a change in the circumstance/situation.


Hi @Varnika_Bassi

I had already answered above to the best of my knowledge. Please read it.

I have been searching for an answer over the internet from the past 2 days.
I looking to apply for ACS assessment in February start.
My experience is from (1) 28 Jan,'16 -3 jan,'19
(2) 7 jan,'19 - till date

My concern is that, I am having good job offers should I switch the job. or should complete five years of experience first then switch in feb.
Will ACS consider my recent switch (in case I switch job) as it will be of 4 months with the latest organization.

Please help in this.

@anil_am22 kindly help

Hi I have changed my job on the same week I got TRA successful outcome… Now I’m confused that I must submit EOI with current employer details or should I put previous employer as my current employer? What will happen in both cases during verification? Could you please help on this query

In your EOI, you need to submit the correct details. You will have to mention about your current employment along with the start date but if you are not claiming GSM points from this employment, then mark it as “non-relevant to nominated occupation” in the EOI and you will be good.
However, if you are claiming points/want to claim points from current employment too, then you will have to get this employment assessed by the relevant skill assessment authority and then mark it as “relevant to nominated occupation” in your EOI.

It is important to note here that GSM points claimed from an (any) employment should be assessed by the skill assessment authority or it will put you in trouble later.

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Hi @Varnika_Bassi , Could you please tell me what was ur score and current EOI status as i am looking for 491 submission

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