Can I use existing medicals from 489/491 visa for 189/190?

Hi Anil
I’m looking to lodge NSW 190 by end of the year, had a few queries:

  1. I already have an SA 489 visa. Do I need to create a new immi account or can I use the existing one?

  2. Can I use the existing medicals (dated Mar 26 2019)?

  3. Is it mandatory to upload the PCCs and medicals along with other docs? Or can I upload them separately a month later?


You need to have only one immiaccount. You can lodge a new application in same account once you get the invite for 189 visa.

You should be able to use the existing medicals if they have not expired. Medicals are valid for 12 months for the purpose of Australia PR.

There are some documents that are marked as ‘required’ and the system does not allow you to ‘submit’ your application until you add them.
PCC and Medicals are part of ‘required’ documents.

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Thanks Anil!

Since you’ve mentioned 189 visa, I assume the above holds true for 190 too. Kindly confirm.