Can i use I797 as our US visa is expired for Indian PCC application?

Hi Anil,
For a valid US Visa, as our US visa is expired but we do have form I-797/ work authorization from US. Can we use that for US visa requirement. Generally, US visa will be renewed only when we leave US and re-enter to US.


Yes, you can use valid i797 as a proof of US legal status instead of US visa stamp.

Wow so fast. Thanks Anil.

You are welcome. We try to be as fast as we can in our responses :slight_smile:

Another Question- Do we need Indian Police certificate for kids (although they are US Citizens) but stayed some time in India as well. This is for Canada immigration.

Any country’s police certificate is only needed for Adults (18+).

Another Question about Q - 12 - Furnish details of previous passport/ travel document if any: - Do i need to provide my old passport details there. I do have my current passport renewed last year.


Yes, you should write old passport details.

Hi Anil,
I do not have my old passport details. Mine was renewed 5 years back and I can’t find any record of it. Is that a strict requirement?

Old passport details are also written on new passport on the last page. Check there and fill it in form .

I am not sure if it’s strict requirement or not but I do think you should write it.

I didn’t know that. Thanks a lot.
And WOW!!! You replied literally in 5 minutes!!!

Hi Anil,

I am in US with expired visa and valid I94 (I797). I am thinking of getting PCC from Houston Indian Consulate. But my wife is in India for past 6 months with valid visa and is expected to travel back to US as and when India opens international flights. Can I get her PCC in India or do I have to wait until her return and apply in USA?

I suggest to wait for your wife PCC until she returns to the US.


I’m Canadian Citizen living in US on TN Visa with my wife (TD - dependent) and daughter. I have a RFE which is being processed by my employer attorney and my TN expired in May 2020. So what visa documents should I submit for my wife’s PCC to Indian Embassy in SF?