Can I use my i140 to apply for different company?

I am currently working for company A in India with Indian salary, and my i140 and h1 was filed by the sister Company B (Company B was acquired by the bigger company A, just when i filed Perm) . I came back to India in Sep 2019 and had to resign from Company B and join back in India in Company A, it was just an internal process of the company to move to Indian organisation, but work and client did not change. And the company B was still filing my i140 after Sep 2019 and I got it approved in Nov 2020. I tried to apply for h1b stamping, but due to Covid my appt got postponed.

I am planning to move to USA on H4 now, as my h1 stamping is getting delayed because of the employer.

Am I eligible to use the approved i140 and apply for new h1 with another employer after going to USA on h4?

Will I have to go through h1 lottery again and i140 process again?

What do I need to ask my current employer while resigning ? Will he be giving me my i140 approval notice? Last time when i asked him he refused to share the approval with me.

Yes. Your new employer can file your H1B with change of employer under cap-exempt. In your case your employer will also apply for change of status from H4 to H1B.

No lottery as your H1B will fall under cap-exempt but your new employer will need to restart your green card process ( PERM → I140) and can file I485 when your PD is current if you are still with the same employer. You may be able to port your PD from your existing I140 to the new.

If you cant get the copy of I140 approval notice, you can request from USCIS.

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