Can I use my vacation or sick leaves with previous company while working with new company after H1b transfer approval?

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I recently transferred my H1b and got it approved. However, I have few vacation and sick time pending with my previous employer (Employer A). Please advise if I can utilize my leaves from my previous employer(Employer A) and also mention If It will cause any trouble if employer A run a payroll on paid vacation/sick time while I already started working on new employer(employer B) on H1b transfer. Will 2 paystubs for same duration(7 days) from both employers cause any trouble for my greencard application later on? Your expert advice will be truly appreciated. I don’t want to take any risk or do anything which is out of law. Thank you!

There are two different petitions, Change of Employer aka transfer and Concurrent Petition which means more than one employer. With a transfer petition, you are expected to stop working for employer A if you start working for employer B who filed your Change of employer petition.

You can only work for more than one employer if you filed concurrent H1B with employer B.

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@Kalpesh_Dalwadi has already given the correct information.

If you want to dive into details here is what people do practically:

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