Can I withdraw my application for citizenship after getting my green card?

I filed I-485 and it was approved. I am now a legal permanent resident, but since traveling back to my native country of Russia, I now wish to stay there (I am here now) because I missed my family and close friends. My American husband is willing to move here with me. What is the procedure to inform USICS that I do not want US citizenship and I want to retain my Russian status?
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Have you actually applied for naturalization using form N-400?

Thank you for replying Anil.
I filed the I-751 in October since my conditional residence expired then. It was approved a few weeks later. I did not apply for naturalization using form N-400. I would like USCIS to abandon my application and remain in Russia.
Is there a form I would use to make them aware of this?

You can send a withdrawal application with details of your application that you want to withdraw.