Can L visa holder wait 2 years to get H1B consular processing stamp in Canada?

Thanks Anil. This approved H1 is under consular processing category. My L visa is still valid for 2 years. Do you see any issues moving to H1 after 2 years ( via stamping in home country) ? Can Visa Officer challenge it saying why are you moving to H1 so long after approval ?

Also for indian passport, is it possible to move from L to H visa by visiting US consulate in Canada ?

Hi @arora

I do not see a issue in moving from L to H visa after 2 years.

You can get H1B stamping in Canada.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
For indian passport, if H1B (moving from L) stamping in Canada is rejected, will it pose any risk to H1B India stamping ?

Hi @arora

If the stamping is denied, then it is added on to your profile. Each US embassy can see it and the reason for denial as noted by the visa officer.

It can certainly affect the next stamping decision in India or anywhere else.