Can NAATI (hindi) exam can be given by anyone?


I am a software tester and falls under 261314.
I have read that NAATI can now be given online…
So my question is that can NAATI (hindi) exam can be given by anyone, or is there any specific requirements to give Naati exam?

Please advise.


As far as i know, anyone can give NAATI exam.

Hi @Anil.Gupta, thanks for responding.

I also would like to ask…
1- what type of exam is required to give naati.
E.g. Interpreter or translators.

As I am confused by looking at the naati website.

I do not have information about NAATI exam. Sorry.

Hi Rakesh,

Did you book the Naati online exam?

Saurabh walia

No, I have not booked. I have checked the latest exam date for Hindi is September 1st.

What option we have to choose there interpreter/translator or migration or the third one. do you know?

For Australia PR points, it’s CCl exam.

I tried to check multiple languages and all of them are showing september as the earliest date for online test. I wonder if we can get any earlier date.

Yeah, the latest date if in September.

Well that seems a bit late. But anyways, atleast some of us can gain 5 points.

The exam results will take 2-3 months for NAATI and not 1 week like PTE or IELTS

I got my results in 1 month