Can University Lecturer file EOI as Computer Network and Systems Engineer - ANZSCO 263111?

Hi Anil,

I am working as a university lecturer having more than 3 year overseas experience with an Australian PhD. I can apply for 189 as University Lecturer ( ANZSCO Code: 242111) with 80 points.

However, I typically teaches computer network courses and if I apply for 190 as Computer Network and Systems Engineer (ANZSCO 263111), then i will have 85 points.

My question is "Can a university lecturer (242111) teaching computer network related courses go for 242111 code and get positive assessment?

I saw somewhere on ACS website that ICT training is counted towards employment by ACS. As a note, my PhD is in Computer Systems, Bachelor in computer systems but working as University lecturer teaching computer network and related courses.

  • Uni lecturer is assessed by with vetassess and Computer Network and Systems Engineer by ACS.


Hi @escallanio

You can file as Computer Network and Systems Engineer (ANZSCO 263111) as long as you can get a positive assessment.

I am not sure if ACS will count your lecturer experience as real work experience working as Computer Network and Systems Engineer. Chances look low to me.

The best chance is to get the assessment done. If you get positive assessment, you are good to go.

Thank you @Anil for prompt response and for clarification.


Anil, I have one more question. Please bear with me.

I have university experience (overseas) as Lecturer from 2009 to 2012. Exactly of 3 year. I was teaching based on Master (MS) qualification. Then I have this Australian PhD from 2012 to 2016 ( 3.5 year).

Next I join my job again in the same university of overseas in Sept 2015 (got PhD in March 2016). Till date I am serving as assistant professor.

My question is " Can I claim 10 point or 5 point for employment? ".
Please note that Post PhD experience is less than 5 but if I count Pre PhD experience then it is 7 years.

Please Advise.

Last but not the least, many many thanks in advance for your wonderful support on this forum.

Hi @escallanio

As I said earlier, everything depends on the assessment report. The chances are low that your experience before PHD will be counted as relevant.

But, if assessment report does acknowledge your work and degree, then you can claim those points. The first step is to file assessment.

Thank you @Anil for your valuable suggestion and feedback… I will proceed with assessment.