Can we apply H1 transfer after existing H1 extension is denied?

Hi Anil,
My H1 is denied, online status is updated on 10 Oct.

My employer or attorney not yet recieved denial notice.

Does my out of status starts from 10 Oct or from date when we recieved the hard copy denial notice from USCIS ?
I am planning to leave the country in a week from now to be in safer side

I have a couple of job offers from two companies A and B. Employer A is ready to file H1 transfer in consular processing.
Employer B is saying since I am in out of status, they are saying they need to hire me in India and they apply H1 in overseas exempt quota . I feel this process takes some time.
In this situation since I will be in India after one week, Is it possible to intiate two H1 petions in parallel ?
Please suggest me.

Hi @kns

Sorry to hear about your denial.

You can file multiple H1B Transfer with no issues.

There is nothing like overseas quota. You can file both applications in Premium and return to US once any one is approved.

Hi Anil,
My case online denial was updated on Oct 10th 2019. My employer not yet received the hard copy of denial letter.
Attorney is suggesting to leave the country as early as possible preferably in this weekend i.e by Oct 20th.
Could you please tell me from when my actual out of status starts either from Oct 10th or by the date when we receive the hard copy ?

Hi @kns

You are out of status starts from Oct 11.

Hi Anil.
My PERM is already approved with my employer which I applied h1 extension and denied.
Perm has validity till Dec 2019.
Currently I am in India . As of now I don’t have opportunity in US with my employer.

In this situation Can my employer apply for I-140 ?

Hi @kns

Yes, an i140 can be applied for you using the approved PERM. Once the PERM expires, a new PERM would be required to file i140.