Can we change the region after getting 491 visa or keep a rented facility in region and work remotely?

@anil_am22 Hi Anil hope you are keeping safe, Jeet again, I successfully created my marketing specialist profile. I am running a startup and need to stay close to urban centers to increase our customer base in AU, the business revenue is hitting 2.5cr this financial year to apply for business PR, so best option is to go for 190 and 491, I currently have 85 points for marketing specialist, however, for 491 is it possible to keep a rented house in a region and travel for work or leave in different area? For Any help would be much appreciated. Need to file EOI by next week.

No, you cannot game the system.

You should be living and working in the regional area to keep the 491 eligibility intact.

There have been cases in the past where immigration caught the ‘rental’ option that you have mentioned and then they denied all benefits.

Its a big risk to take. I don’t suggest it.

Thank you Anil, appreciate it, maybe I will go for other stream ( Global talent or Business ) visas as soon as soon I get eligible while get in on 491 to begin my journey in Australia. Thank you for your valuable inputs @anil_am22.

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