Can we file h1 extension based on approved PERM?

My perm was filled on July 31st 2019 and it got audited. I am expecting approval in may sometime.I140 premium process stopped by USCIS and my max out is spt 20 2020.
Can I file H1B 7 year extension after perm approve and i140pending si ce my perm will be more than one year?

Thank you

You should be able to file H1B 1 year extension based on approved PERM.

Thank you Anil. This give some hopes

Hi Anil,

My Perm was filed on Dec 26 2019. I am hoping to get the perm approval by May end. But my max out is on 25 Jun 2020. Will I be able to file H1 extension after perm approval in June? or I will have to wait for I140 approval to file H1 extension? Please suggest. Thanks !