Can we get H1b renewal stamping in UAE?

Hello @anil_am22,

Can we get H1B Renewal stamping in UAE now?

It is very unlikely to get an appointment in India and get a stamp.
Looking for an alternative if we can travel to UAE and get the stamp.

US Embassy UAE website doesn’t have any email to contact or enquire about these details. If any of you have any detail or information, please do share.

PS: Travel to Dubai from India is currently is not possible. Will have to travel from a different country.

  • Currently hold a visa that allows entry to UAE.
  • Fully vaccinated for COVID-19

Looking for below information:

  • Travel and quarantine information to UAE from UK or US
  • Can we apply for H1B renewal, being an Indian, in UAE in these given circumstances.
  • Does NIE apply here as well? Once the visa is stamped, can stay up to 14 days and travel to US.
  • How long does it take to get the passport back

Please let me know.