Can we get h4 visa stamping in singapore or sri lanka for my daughter?

hello team… i am going to india with my daughter who is 5 years old. i have a valid h1b visa stamping until 2020 but my daughter and wife dont have h4 visa stamping for our current petition approved until 2020. My wife is not joining with us she will stay back in US. I had a question here, as the wait times in indian consulates are very high can we get the h4 visa stamping done in singapore or sri lanka for my daughter. If yes how much time does it take for the stamping and the passport to be returned. Do they return the passport immediately? and how do they return do they courier or we do go and collect? Let me know if there are any experiences?

I suggest to get the H4 stamping in India rather than Sri Lanka or Singapore. Legally, you can apply there too but not recommended.

thanks anil for the reply.

Why is it not recommended to apply for H4 stamping in countries other than India for Indian nationals ? Is it because of 221g issue ?

What did you end up doing ? Did you get any appointment in India for emergency reasons ?