Can we submit 221g documents in Bangalore?

I have to submit my passport along with few docs personally along with 221g yellow slip. VO asked me to drop at any VAC and no need to schedule any appointment or any interview. May i pls know if those docs can be dropped at Bangalore location ? Do i need any appointment or its walk-in? Please guide. Thanks

Unit No. 305, 2nd Floor,’
Prestige Atrium, No.1, Central St,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

OR this location?

Global Tech Park, No: 11, 1st Floor,
O Shaughnessy Road, Langford Town,
Bengaluru – 560025
Karnataka - India

You heard it from the horse’s mouth and you still need confirmation? :slight_smile:

Why not just call VAC and confirm.

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I am confused about the location here. Read my question and answer only if you are clear about it. I also know to call VAC and confirm. But this forum is to help and share experiences not for your sarcasm.

Hi @ReshmaPuranik

Please be respectful. @Kalpesh_Dalwadi is very helpful always and has been very active member of this community.

If you want specific help with your scenario which you have not got here, we would politely request to hire an attorney for your situation.

You will always have doubt even if he tells you to submit at any specific location. No one is a lawyer here and hence, calling the VAC directly will be the best option for you.

Also, please take the sarcasm with a laughter. It helps everyone.


Apologize if you felt my answer was offending however my intention was not.
Sometimes, question like yours are not answered in time and people keep waiting for the next step which may delay their process.

As you already mentioned in your post that VO instructed to submit to any VAC location and that you don’t need an appointment, in my mind this is clear enough instruction to follow through.

However if you are still in doubt, rather than depending on someone in the forum to reply, better action would be to just call the concerned agency to get immediate answer as it is critical for you to take the action from your end in timely fashion.

Sorry, my apologies to both @anil_am22 and @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for being insensitive . I was stressed and didn’t think twice before blabbering.

I am grateful for this forum and all the help I get here to make life easier .
I apologise again and thank you for the clarification. I will call the VAC and confirm .

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