Can we use our matriculation certificate/marksheet for the age proof?

Hi Anil,
Thanks for the assistance and i really appreciate you prompt responses which are extremely helpful for the immigration processes.

I have just gone through the following link to check the visa documents required for lodging.

My husband doesnt have the birth certificate with him anymore. So as per the link, can we use our matriculation certificate/marksheet for the age proof? We have the birth date mentioned on our educational documents.

Also, for the tax forms, do we need the past 3 years forms only (as mentioned in the link)?

For 189/190 visa, as per my understanding, we need the medical test of spouse and kids as well. I couldnt find any such requirement in the link which confuses me now. Please assist here if it is needed.

Thanks again.

Hi @Nze

Everything mentioned on the article has been tried and tested for Australia PR. There is no need to reclarification.

Medical checks are required for whole family including kids.

I strongly suggest to get the birth certificate made even if you don’t have it.
If you can’t get birth certificate, then you need a letter from municipal corporation or state government stating that they cannot issue birth certificate along with your matriculation certificate.