Can wife continue to work if H1B transfer reduces validity?

my h1b was valid till aug 2020 also wifes h4 and h4 EAD is valid till aug 2020.
changed client location with same employer and filed h1 transfer and it got reduced to march 2020. (note that h4 and h4 ead was not filed in the transfer as it is still valid till aug 2020)

Today filed extension for h1 (valid till march 2020) and h4 (valid till aug 2020) in regular processing.
Question is can wife still work on her h4 EAD till aug 2020?

H4 EAD can keep working as long as the EAD card is valid and H4 status is maintained.

Since you have filed H1B extension to maintain your H1b status, H4 is in status.