Can you get a PCC in one day from CGI Toronto if your current passport was issued by them only?

I’m currently a Canadian PR needing PCC for a US visa. I’m filing my application and sending it to BLS Brampton tomorrow, but I’m just curious because I came across a website that stated: for US, if your current passport was issued by a US embassy and you apply for a PCC at the same embassy, you get the PCC the same day. I’m just wondering isn’t the same true for Canada? My current passport was issued in 2015 by CGI, Toronto.

Thanks for the help.

It depends on the individual Indian embassy process. They may or may not issue it same day.

You have to visit the embassy and check.

Hey Thanks Anil… do you know if it’s okay if I give my cousin’s address instead of mine since I’m not in India and nobody is residing at my Indian address? And will my cousin’s passport copy be okay for address proof?