Canada ITA - Name change supporting documents

Hi Anil,
After marriage my wife’s name was changed and we submitted proper form (gazette form in Maharashtra). In two weeks, Maharashtra Govt published gazette booklet where my wife’s names (old and new) were printed in English. However the front page of gazette is in Marathi language.

We have that document as proof. Do we need any additional supporting documents for it?

[Note: We have all other documents on new her new name - Pan card, Aadhar Card, Passport, DL License etc.]

Similarly my daughter’s name was misspelled on Birth certificate, so we changed using above process. Please advise.

Hi @San16

This should be sufficient.

Do you have your marriage certificate listing the old and new name after marriage?

Thanks Anil for response.
I do have marriage certificate but it has only (one) old (bride’s) name.

Hi Anil,
Would you like to confirm if we need any more document for it?

Should be fine as per my opinion.

Okay, thank you Anil.