Canada PR ITA | Covid-19 | US Infant Baby Passport Delay

Hi Anil,

We are currently in the US and blessed with a baby last month. Yesterday, we applied for his passport because we received his birth certificate last Friday only. Due to COVID-19, it took more than a month to get his birth certificate. Now we came to know that even the passport processing will take more than 2 months because all the expedite processing ways have been suspended due to COVID-19.

Now we have two problems here:

  1. I received the Canada Express Entry - ITA last month and wants to add my new born baby in this profile too. I had already added it in my dependents when he was born considering that I will be able to get his passport soon. However, now the situation is different and I’m not sure when will I get his passport? Should I fill his birth certificate in the National Id Proof section and explain in the LOE or should I wait for his passport? If I don’t get his passport before the ITA expiration date, should I remove him from my dependents and explain the same in LOE document? Please advice.

  2. This problem is not related to Canada PR but due to US work visa. My current visa has already expired and my employer has filed the petition too. However, in case if it doesn’t approve then we’ll have to leave us within 10 days. Now, if that happens and if we don’t have new born baby passport and India Visa then how should we deal with this situation? The only good part is that USCIS is taking more than 4-5 months to process visa extension application but no one knows when they can give the result. If you suggest anything in this matter too that would really help me.

Thank you!


You can explain this situation in your Canada PR application and case officer can give you more time to submit documents. That’s possible.

US born kid is a US citizen by default. So, you do need US passport for your kid to travel with you to India. You will have to wait for the passport.

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