Canadian PR H1-B

A bit of background
38 years old , single , Also , I’m on an H1-B , have a masters from the US and about 12 years of consulting experience. IELTS score of 9,8.5,9 8.0
I’m also finally on track to get my french proficiency level to a NCLC Level 7 in about 3-4 months.
Since Canadian PR rules take a significant points away if you’re older I have about a couple of years before I hit 40.
I was wondering if a score of about 460 would be enough to get through? I’ll get that score only after my french proficiency exam which is in March so it is do or die for me now.
I got an Australian PR but am also thinking of keeping my options open and see if I can score one for canada as well.
Also regards to consulting work in the US Do consultants need to get work verifications from clients or since I’ve been with the same employer for over 10 years would a letter , paystubs and tax returns from this employer who legally supervises my work at the clients location be enough?,
For all purposes , my firm is the one that grants me benefits , pays me , supervises everything I do and is resposible for maintaining my visa.
I know there are a few questions here and if you want I can put them in different posts.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

460 is a good score.
I don’t understand your other question about consulting.

Hi Anil
Sorry I wasn’t clearer before.
This is regarding the work experience letter requirement.

If I’ve been a consultant representing one specific company for the past 12+ years and if they hold my visa , pay my salary , give me benefits and for all legal purposes are my employers do I still need letters of experience from each specific clients?

I read that on some particular forums, so i wanted your opinion on that. As that’s really hard to get. Most people don’t stay in the same positions or companies and the nature of my work makes it extremely unlikely the people i knew don’t even work for those clients.

Also clients these days are VERY unlikely to give out experience letters.

That’s why I was asking. Would a letter from my employer, who based on present H1-B laws controls every aspect of my work experience, be enough or do i need to get letters from each client.

Thank you

As far as i know, your employer letter is more than enough for Canada PR.

Not sure which forum has suggested for client letter and for what purpose.

Thanks Anil
Good to know… I was googling through it and don’t remember which one but they sure did suggest for consultants to get client letters. Anways , I won’t be able to and will take my chances with my employer letter.
Also Just curious do you guys help prepare a canadian PR application professionally ?
If so can u PM me your fees and such?
Thank you

Sorry @rakerbrakz

We do not have any PR professional services at this time.

Client letters only for freelance consultants. Not if you are employed or contracted by a professional services company.

Got it
Thanks Sandeep and Anil for your insights.

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