Canadian PR need Indian PCC for US greencard application

Hi there,

I’m an Indian citizen and now Canadian PR living/working in Canada since 2013 (moved here for studies). My father who moved to the US in 2005 for work, got his US citizenship in 2015 and applied for my greencard. I’m in the process of filing that greencard application now to move from Canada to the US, but one of the docs US immigration requires is a PCC from India.

I can apply for the Indian PCC at the Indian Consulate here in Toronto, but I see a few issues:

  1. My current (new) Indian passport that was issued in Toronto by the Indian Consulate in 2015 has my old Canadian address and not even my current Canadian address or my Indian address.

  2. There is nobody living at my Indian address right now; I remember the police visiting my Indian apt a few years ago for verification when I had applied for an Indian PCC for Canadian PR. Luckily, I was visiting India that time.

In the PCC application form on the passportseva site, it is clearly mentioned: Applicant must note that if while applying for PCC, he/she is providing details in PCC application which are different than details available in his/her passport(such as name, place of birth, any discrepancy in parents‟ name), such an applicant should instead of applying for PCC, should first apply for reissue of passport with changed/current particulars as provided or want to provide in
PCC application form and a fresh Police Verification report may be generated. It may be noted that only after re-issue of passport with changed/current particulars, the PCC application against reissued passport will be processed further for the issue /grant of PCC.

I’m seriously unsure what to do. Do I need to update the address in my passport to my new Canadian address or my Indian address? And how would the police verify my Indian address if nobody is living there right now?

Edit: I’ve filled up/generated the PCI application form on the passportseva portal where it asked my current address in domicile country as well as my Indian address. I also put in my cousin in India’s phone number with my Indian address. Am I likely to face issues?

Please help!