Canadian work visa restrictions

Hi All - I am currently in US on H1b visa, with approved I-140 for 2016 priority date. Similar to most people in my situation, I have also started thinking about long term and decided to explore Canada relocation options. Have a few questions regarding the same

  • Even though the Canadian PR process is much simpler and straightforward, I am not too keen on filing for a PR right away. I would rather prefer to go and live in Canada for few months/years on a work permit from my existing employer and decide if relocating to Canada is worth it or not. One additional (unintentional) benefit of this approach could be which I read somewhere that PR process gets a little easier/simpler/faster if you are filing for a PR while you are already in Canada. Do you have any thoughts on this.

  • As mentioned above, I am trying to work with my current employer to get relocated to Canada on a work permit visa. But my intention and my hope is to keep working for US clients and US markets while being based in Canada. Can someone confirm if that is ok or not and if there is any such restriction that I can only work for Canadian clients while being in Canada on a work permit visa

Thank you

@Anil.Gupta : really appreciate if you can share your thoughts, especially question #2

Looks like you are confused and do not understand how businesses work.

If you get work permit in Canada and your Employer sends you to Canada for work, then it does not matter who the end client is.

As long as your get paid in Canada, you can work for any Employer irrespective of their client’s location - anywhere in the world.

And if you are thinking of keeping US visa in your lap alongside Canada work permit, then read this: