Cancel withdrawal request sent to USCIS after H4 EAD got approved


I recently switched companies and my new company applied for H4 change of status and H4 EAD for my wife. So I asked my previous employer to withdraw the earlier H4/H4 EAD applications from USCIS and they did. But after they sent the withdrawal request, the H4 EAD got approved and the card got mailed to us. How can I request USCIS to no longer consider that withdrawal request?

I don’t understand the reason of withdrawal. You had already paid USCIS so why care to withdraw. Its just fine to file H1/EAD extension with H1B transfer while the another application is pending.

You can send a letter to the USCIS center processing your application and see if it works.

Yeah that was my bad, I didn’t know that its fine to have 2 H4 Change of status applications at the same time.

Ok so there is a chance that USCIS could revoke the approved H4 EAD after I received the EAD card?

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Hi Sravan,
I’m in the same boat. Did you send a letter to cancel your withdrawl request? How did you handle this situation