Cant book any H4 appointment. Dont see any dates for any VAC in India. Not even dates from Sep/OCT 2023

My previous appointment was scheduled on 19th Oct 20222 which was canceled by the system when I reached new Delhi VAC on 19th Oct 2022 but it still says it’s scheduled in the history, they took biometrics and gave me an appointment for 2nd NOV. The appointment was scheduled for 2nd Nov and when I reach the new Delhi embassy they told me it was also canceled because of scheduling.

Right now I am not able to book an appointment because I can’t see any dates for an appointment (not even dates from 2023 also). I have tried to check appointment dates every day a few times a day over the last four weeks it never shows any dates for any VAC across India

I have not heard of any appointment cancellations in Oct 2022 unless you do it yourself.

Did you request cancellations?

No. Anyway, we got an appointment scheduled now.