Case Was Sent To The Department Of State - i140 - EB3, What does it mean?

Hi, I have seen Multiple Question on this topic but haven’t got the answer yet -

Background -
I am in USA from last 3.5 years, I changed Employer and new employer filed extension in Jan 2020 and was approved till Dec 2022.

Now applied for i140 EB3 category and approved and got copy of approved i140 petition from attorney last week, and today again USCIS Case status is changed like following. What does it mean? I am still in USA and have valid i797 and recently approved i140 petition. I have asked attorney as well but long weekend so not expecting reply soon. Please share some details on this.

May 27, 2021

Case Was Sent To The Department Of State

On May 27, 2021, we sent your case, Receipt Number xxxxxxxxxx, to the Department of State for visa processing. You can find general information on Consular Processing by visiting our website at . The website will provide information on what to do next, who to contact, and how to inform us of any changes in your situation or address.

This shouldn’t have been the case unless in the form I-140, the Part4 (processing information) box 1.a. is checked which says Alien will apply for a visa (AOS/485) at a U.S Embassy or US consulate abroad.

Check with your attorney or if you have the copy of I-140 packet that was submitted by your attorney.

Yes, I have already raised concerned with attorney. Don’t have application packet to verify though. Thank you for your response.