CEAC status - Pakistan require more than one marriage

I got a response from ceac on marriage certificate it states that Pakistan require more than one marriage what it actually meant

I don’t understand your question.

My spouse have submitted the case for me on ceac portal marriage certificate section we got a response that states. Pakistan requirrs more than one marriage

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Share the screen shot. Its not possible to understand what you are asking without knowing your full situation.

we have also received the same response , could they mean that Pakistan requires more than one marriage certificate ? As in we have to send in the NADRA certificate and the translated version of nikah nama?

Yes they need the NADRA certificate also with the English and urdu nikah nama

You need to submit 2 marriage certificate one that is registered in union council. And other is the nikah papers

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I submit the both but still get the same response. Did your issue resolve?

Yes it did solved mine

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Is the english one is verified and is the English one is from union council

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No need to rotate and yes it should be in one pdf file

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